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We excel at research and professional curriculum development. If you need a course that’s not in our catalog below, we’ll be delighted to create one to meet your specific needs. You’ll be happy with the learning outcomes – we guarantee it.

Existing Courses

These courses have been carefully developed to help participants master relevant skills and competencies. Each has strong direct linkages to workplace effectiveness and success. All our courses have standard durations and formats, but can be scaled; we can turn an eight hour course into either a lunch and learn session or a three day course, depending upon your needs. The following are typical offerings, which have been successfully delivered, and we will be delighted to customize any of them to meet your unique requirements.

Manufacturing Management and Leadership: This course is designed to meet the increasing demand for management skills in a production-based industrial environment. It enables participants to effectively supervise manufacturing processes, manage human and mechanical resources within budgetary constraints, and ensure product quality. Course length: 8 hours.

Customer Service Etiquette Lightning Bolt Workshop: Available in intense morning, afternoon, or evening sessions. Difficult encounters are inevitable; give your associates the tools they need to be professional and courteous. They represent you and your company; help them do it well.  This crash course can help transform low energy, non-enthusiastic drones into smiling, cheerful, polite, professional company ambassadors who leave an indelibly positive impression with your clients. Course length: 4 hours.

Body Language for Leaders: Leaders must project a project positive image –  to subordinates, to superiors, to peers, to customers, and to other stakeholders. They must also understand the body language of others to be most effective. Make no mistake, body language plays a crucial role in business success. To be at the top of your game, you must both comprehend and project effective body language. People are constantly monitoring you for emotional cues. If your body looks closed, depressed or angry, these postures (and their corresponding emotions) will be subconsciously picked up and mimicked by your team. It’s a process called “emotional contagion” – and it can also work in your favor. If you keep your posture relaxed, inclusive and open, your team will respond by being more cohesive, positive and productive. You don’t have to become an expert; small changes can make a HUGE difference in how people perceive and relate to you. Course length: 8 hours.

Dealing With Difficult People: We’ve all been there – and wished we were elsewhere. Some people are just plain difficult. And we’ve tried valiantly to reason with that incredibly difficult person. It’s frustrating, maddening, and sometimes even frightening. There are proven techniques to help you manage these trying situations. This course provides both a mindset to cultivate in general and specific tactics to use during the difficult moments. Course length: 8 hours.

Blue-Collar Leadership: A production management leadership course designed specifically for manufacturing or operations leaders, this course refreshes and enhances existing skills and develops new abilities required for success in today’s challenging business environment. Course length: 16 hours.

Essential Management Skills for New Leaders: Companies in every industry are facing complex operating environments and organizational challenges that demand the rapid development of new and agile leaders. Now, more than ever before, new leaders must quickly learn and deploy core management skills, develop a broad strategic perspective, take their leadership skills to the next level, and expand their professional and personal networks. This course will help new managers master core business concepts and build key leadership skills. Course length: 40 hours.

Present Like A Pro: All of our associates have presented to rave reviews at national and international events. They are well qualified to help you take your speaking and presentation skills to the next level. Course length: 16 hours (separated by at least a day to allow students to prepare a presentation based on Day 1’s lessons for analysis, instruction, and critique on Day 2).

Customer Service Boot Camp: You will be graded based upon your customer service; make sure you get an A+. This course teaches and reinforces the soft skills required for successful interactions with customers. You can help ensure your employees are putting your best foot forward. Course length: 8 hours.

Business Writing and Grammar: Don’t be embarrassed by your or your employees’ mistakes. This course provides the fundamentals and tools to help craft and edit professional publications – every time. Course length: 8 hours.

The Art of Listening: Huh? Yes, that’s right, people don’t really listen anymore. The constant barrage of media and busy schedules have eroded our listening skills. Effective listening is one of the most important skills a leader can have. Listening is an art that requires work, self-discipline, and skill. The art of communication springs as much from knowing when to listen as it does from knowing how to use words well. This course will help take your listening (and communicating) skills to the next level. Course length: 8 hours.

Basic Professional Etiquette: The lack of social skills has helped derail many careers.  Professional etiquette is an unwritten code of conduct regarding the interactions among the members in a business setting. When proper professional etiquette is used, all involved can feel more comfortable, and things tend to flow more smoothly. Your personal and professional brands are everything. Make sure your brands are polite, professional, courteous, and comply with accepted norms. Course length: 8 hours.

On Being Professional: Why study etiquette (business and workplace) or manners? Because manners matter! They can help you get (and keep) jobs and opportunities. People judge you by your words, actions, and appearance. Critical thinking skills such as goal setting, making positive and constructive choices, having a reasoned response rather than a rash reaction to stressful situations, and appropriate conflict resolution skills will help you on your road to impeccable professionalism. The goal of this class is to improve your personal, social, professional, and workplace etiquette and help equip you for success. Course length: Approximately one month; this is a hybrid course with face-to-face meetings at the beginning and end of the class and online components for the rest of the period.

Mr. Lister’s Finishing Academy:  Manners aren’t antiquated anachronisms; they can impact professional success.  Individual and group etiquette coaching sessions are available. Practice and learn in an environment where learning is by example and mistakes are gently, graciously, and discretely corrected. Engage our staff for your corporate breakfast, business luncheon, formal dinner, or company gathering after office hours. Good manners mean good business. Learn to navigate social and professional setting with ease and grace. Our experts are disciples of Emily Post, Letitia Baldrige, Judith Martin, and – of course – their Mothers, Grandmothers, and Aunts. While no one is ever truly done with the study of etiquette, our staff’s voluminous hours of study and attention can help your associates become more graceful, professional, and polite. You, your employees, and your customers, will be glad you made the investment. Course length: Varied; corporate solutions and private lessons are available at locations of your choice.  Events have been as diverse as company nights at baseball stadiums and picnics to formal meals and black-tie affairs.

Back to Basics – How to be a Valued Employee:  Rehabilitate vs. terminate; it’s much less trouble and expense. Some things should be self-evident. Sadly, they sometimes are not. But we can help. This course has salvaged the career of several people when their employer tried one last time prior to dismissal. All our courses are highly customized; this one especially so. To address the specific needs and issues we will conduct interviews (phone, email, or in person) prior to the class to make sure we are addressing the real issues. And we’ll provide important feedback to leadership: either this employee has potential; or you were right, you should terminate. Course length: 8 hours.


Recently Added Courses

We’re delighted to announce two new courses to our catalog:

MERGE: Gaining Cohesion in a Multigenerational Workforce. While completely customizable, in its standard format it is 48 hours delivered over the course of several weeks. It can be used in onboarding, team building, leadership development, change management, policy deployment, and annual refreshers. Here’s a brief video with additional information:


Our Team Building Academy; an exciting new course that is the culmination of years of award-winning experiential training. It’s great training…fun, relevant, challenging, and employees LOVE it: